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en Español



Jose-Manuel-Enriquez-de-SalamancaDear members of the school community, as well as other web surfers.

As Head Teacher of I.E.S. Cornelio Balbo, I would like to welcome you to our website on behalf of the whole school. We hope it proves useful and interesting.

You will find information about the school’s activities and initiatives as well as other curricular, organizational and administrative aspects. The website also serves as a means of communication and to provide links with the wider community.

I.E.S. Cornelio Balbo opened in 2006 after the merging of two schools, Santa María del Rosario and La Viña, in response to the changing educational system and new formative needs arising in Cadiz centre.

Thanks to this fusion, I.E.S. Cornelio Balbo now provides the local community with a wide range of educational options: Secondary Education (“Enseñanza Secundaria Obligatoria”) which has a bilingual English stream, Post-16 Education(“Bachillerato”) in Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, and vocational qualifications in the following areas:

• Health care, specialzing in prothetics and hearing aids, dietetics and nutrition and environmental health
• Administration and accountancy
• Social and health care, specializing in social integration, care in the community and nursery education.

This variety is one of the distinguishing features of our school and allows personal, academic and professional growth for both students and teachers alike.

In addition, our school community proudly participates in a number of local, national and international initiatives: Health in the Workplace, Information Technology development , School and Sports, Horticulture, Bilingualism (English), Gender Equality in Education, Erasmus+ and Teacher Training programme (University of Cádiz).

We strive to forge close links with local businesses and other institutions within the Bay of Cadiz, allowing students to gain quality work experience through the apprenticeship training programme. This has proved to lead to a high rate of employability among our students on vocational courses.

Such collaboration between staff, parents, students, local government and businesses is the key to making IES Cornelio Balbo a school of reference in the Bay of Cádiz.

I encourage you to browse our website and learn more about life at our centre.

Best regards,

José Manuel Enríquez de Salamanca García
Head Teacher